Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dear Chelis

Dear Chelis,

"...I want to apologize many times. But my action and my only intention was to point to him. Without intention, and with one finger, you can’t hurt anyone. I made a mistake... It will not happen again."

That was from last month. When you received a 7-game touchline ban because you confronted a referee and poked him in the chest with your finger. You apologized profusely, and said that it was a mistake, and claimed that things like this would not happen again.

Yet here we are.

This week you were given yet another touchline ban (this time 8 days) for confronting a fan in our midweek game against Phoenix. In a bizarre attempt to defend yourself, you said this on twitter:

My Spanish isn't great (ok it's bad), but if I'm understanding right, you are trying to defend yourself by saying that he called you a [bleep], and so you found him outside the stadium and confronted him. "He touched my pride, and I touched his head." (I'm pretty sure something has been lost in translation for that last line).

For starters - that's a horrible excuse. You are a 59-year-old grown man. That is supposed to be in charge of the Las Vegas Lights FC organization. I don't care what some drunken fan calls you at a game, the technical director of an entire football club should not be trying to meet him outside and fight it out. Get a hold of yourself.

This is the second touchline ban you have received within the space of two months. Let's try not to continue the streak, shall we?

Second, what exactly is the demarcation of duty at the club. My understanding is that you are the technical director, and your son, Isidro Sanchez, is the coach. So why are you even on the touchline in the first place? Isn't it his job to conduct the in-game management (pick the team and formation, make subs, yell at the players in general)? Isn't your job to oversee the direction of the club. As in work on transfers, manage the academy, oversee contracts, etc.?

Wouldn't it be better for all involved if you just kind of took this touchline ban as an opportunity to take a step back and work more within your role? that would give you more time to focus on your specific job, and would give your son more control to focus on his specific job. Plus, as an added bonus, no-one would yell names at you, and you wouldn't have to try to get into fights in the parking lot.


A concerned fan.


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